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          Admissions Hub

          Look Within, See Beyond...

          Honoring its founder’s vision, Emma Willard School proudly fosters in each young woman a love of learning, the habits of an intellectual life, and the character, moral strength, and qualities of leadership to serve and shape her world.

          We value a sense of purpose and place.

          We encourage thinking and questioning.

          We allow for sharing and dreaming.

          We laugh and celebrate!

          Questions? Ask Admissions!

          Why Emma Willard School?

          List of 2 news stories.

          • The Girls' School Experience

            We invited a group of Emma Willard School students to sit down and have a conversation about what it's like being at an all-girls school. Enjoy some highlights from their conversation!
          • Steve A. P'20 and Kate A. P'20

            The Parent Experience

            We spoke to the parents of an Emma Willard School senior about what their experience has been like over the last four years. Enjoy some highlights from their conversation!
          285 Pawling Avenue, Troy, NY 12180 | P: 518.833.1300 F: 518.833.1815
          Welcome to Emma Willard School, a private day and boarding high school for girls in Troy, NY, and a leader in girls' education for over 200 years. 

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